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russet potatoes

Our russet potatoes are grown at high elevation. As the snow melts in the surrounding mountains, it feeds the aquifer under the valley providing the irrigation for the potatoes to maintain the proper amount of moisture. The warm summer days and cool nights allow these special potatoes to flourish and grow until harvested at the peak of season. Known for their fluffy interior and unblemished skin, our russets are the perfect complement to any meal.

red potatoes

Red potatoes are widely known for their rosy red skin and white waxy flesh. Red potatoes stay moist, firm and flavorful during the cooking process and as a result are extremely versatile. Red potatoes are the perfect choice for roasting, boiling, or as a salad ingredient.

yellow potatoes

Yellow potatoes are very eye appealing, but they are not covered with eyes. Smooth, thin, eye-free, yellow-tinged flesh – these are all distinct characteristics of our yellow potatoes. Yellow potatoes have a buttery taste profile and are considered medium in starch – perfect for grilling, boiling or just mashing with russets for added flavor.


Available in early April though late September, we offer red seedless or red seeded watermelon. They’re juicy, full of flavor and possess a deep rich color consumers love. A summertime favorite, watermelon can make any regular meal a memorable occasion.

Chip Potatoes

Let the chips fall where they may? Not with Schmieding Produce. When it comes to chip potatoes, we can have them exactly where you want them, when you want them. We have operations in all chip producing areas of the country, so we are able to provide quality chip potatoes fresh out of the ground to manufacturers throughout the US.


Our pumpkins are grown out west. Our sandy soil in this area ensures our pumpkins are clean and unblemished. Known for their mature orange color and 2-to-4-inch stems, our Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins are perfect for carving or fall decorating.

Processing Potatoes

Smash them, fry them, bake them – there’s no end to what you can do with the versatile potato. But if you’re in a hurry, instant potatoes are a deliciously quick fix. Manufacturers are constantly developing great-tasting products to help us all eat well in a time-crunched world. Schmieding takes pride in delivering top-notch processing potatoes to companies throughout the US that care about quality.

Sweet Corn

Our delicious sweet corn is grown in fertile-rich soil. It is exceptional in the fact that it is hydro cooled and top iced to protect taste. So it’s delivered as fresh as the day it was picked. Our corn grade is U.S. Fancy. This grade is based primarily on maturity, freshness and cob length, as well as freedom from various injuries and decay. We always hand pick and pack in traditional wire bound crates or in RPCs (Returnable Plastic Containers).


Our top quality carrots are grown regionally throughout the year. This allows us to provide a 12-month supply of peak season carrots with a local flair.


In addition to the produce above, we also ship cabbage in season from the following areas: Florida, Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan and New York.


Sweet, mild or full of flavor – we have onions for all tastes. In the winter, we offer our customers onions from the Midwest. In the summer, we source our onions from the west. This allows us to provide our customers farm-fresh onions available year around.

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