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The history of Schmieding Produce dates back to 1936 in the town of Springdale, Arkansas. Two identical twin brothers, Herbert and Hubert Schmieding, founded a company based on a simple premise – to serve their growers and customers. Soon the brothers were supplying much-needed, farm fresh produce to wholesalers and retailers across the country.


The Potato and Progress

During the first years of Schmieding Produce, the brothers focused heavily on potatoes. The country was struggling economically, and potatoes were – and still are – a strong, staple crop available year round. The potato helped people through a difficult time and allowed Schmieding Produce to survive the Great Depression.


The Woerner/Schmieding Connection

In the 1960s, the Schmiedings started a relationship with the Woerner family, who owned and managed a produce farming operation in Alabama. Familiar with the Schmieding reputation for quality, Lester Woerner and his son, Trent Woerner, purchased the Schmieding Produce Company in 2015. This acquisition – in addition to a packing plant and a 1,800-acre farm, both located in the San Luis Valley in Colorado – gives today’s Schmieding Produce the vertical integration needed to meet the needs of produce retailers and food manufacturers across the country.


The New Schmieding Produce

Today, the Schmieding name is at the forefront of produce suppliers, providing potatoes, carrots, watermelons, pumpkins and many other farm fresh produce items direct from growers. Schmieding also has a reputation of meeting, and exceeding, the highest food safety standards. This is why many of the nation’s largest food manufacturing companies and produce grocers trust Schmieding to provide tomorrow’s produce today.

our team

You’ll find the employees of Schmieding in a lot of places. You’ll see us in the fields. We have employees in our packing facilities. You’ll find us on the road and at grocers big and small supplying quality produce.

Where you’ll very rarely find any of us is behind a desk in an office wearing a coat and tie. Schmieding is a company started by people who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Even today, sometimes we need to get our hands dirty in the same nutrient rich soil we grow our produce. And we like it that way.

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